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    Free Transcription Software that is Easy to Use

    Simple to use free transcription software for Windows based computers
    Use the keyboard or a compatable foot pedal to pause/play, rewind, fast forward the file that is being played
    Life time updates included as standard

Easy Transcription Software Features


Media Player

Easy transcription software will play files that Windows Media Player supports.  Additional file types can be supported by installing a 'codec'.  There are some links to some common codec's that might be needed to play transcription files on our FAQ page.




Media Player Control

To make the media player play/pause, skip forward and back you can allocate specific keys.  Your Keyboard might have media player keys that you can use or you could allocate three of the function keys.

We also support the following transcription foot pedals:

If you have a different make/model of foot pedal that you would like us to support in the software let us know using the feedback box at the bottom of the page.





The software has a built in editor that integrates with the Media Player.  It has all the basic editing functions you would expect cut, copy, paste, undo, redo, font and sizes, justification, bullet points.

There is a built in spelling checker that underlines misspelt words in red and gives a list of possible correct spellings when you right mouse click on an underlined word.  There is an auto correct function that can also be used to expand text that is regularly typed.

Files are saved as Rich Text Format (RTF) which is compatible with most word processors including Microsoft Word and Open Office.


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