•  Free Transcription Software

    Free Transcription Software that is Easy to Use

    Simple to use free transcription software for Windows based computers
    Use the keyboard or a compatable foot pedal to pause/play, rewind, fast forward the file that is being played
    Life time updates included as standard

Activate Easy Transcription Software

After buying a copy of the software we will email you a licence key.

An unregistered copy of the software will show a screen similar to the one below as the software runs:

Select Activate

Click on the activate button and the question below is asked:

Activate Over The Internet

If your PC is connected to the internet then click on yes, the form below is shown.  Enter the licence key we emailed to you then click on the OK button.  Easy Transcription Software will then check to make sure that the licence key has not been used before.  The software will then activate on your PC.  The licence key can only be active on a single computer.

Activate Over Internet Licence Key

If your PC is not connected to the internet or the online activation above is not working answer no to activate over the internet.  The form below is shown. Click on this link to get the activation key. You will need the licence key that has been emailed to you and the hardware key shown in the form below. Enter the activation key our system generates in the box on the form then click on Activate.  The licence key can only be active on a single computer.

Offline Activation



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