Media file is not played

Easy transcription software uses Windows Media Player to play the sound files that you select.

If your computer is running Windows XP then check that you are running Windows Media Player 11.  To download the current version click on this link

Media player uses a plug in called a 'codec' that allows it to play a file.  Sometimes an extra 'codec' needs to be downloaded and installed on your computer to enable a partuclar sound file to play.  The table below shows some common file types and links to codec's for Windows Media Player

M4A    DC-Bass Source filter. This codec pack does not contain any extra software.  The link will download a ZIP file open the file and run the installer
DVF and MSV Sony┬« Player Plug-in for Windows Media┬« Player Update  The link takes you to Sony's website to download their plug-in for Windows Media Player



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